Sample Client-side Implementation Page

Purpose of This Page

This is a simple test page to give a sample of sending in data directly to AAM from a SPA page, or in any other applications where you are not reloading the page, but need to send data to AAM.

When this page loads, the DIL library code loads and a "default load rule" in Launch sends a hit into AAM with the page name. The link below then simulates a SPA action, clicking on a link and sending data to AAM without reloading the page.

Simulated SPA link: Click HERE to:
  1. Change the page name in the data layer
  2. Trigger a Direct Call rule in Launch that sends in the new page name to AAM
* You can see the results of this test by using a debugger/packet sniffer. When you load the page, the AAM hit (event call) will include the initial c_pagename value. Then when you click on this link, it will send in the new c_pagename value.